The Premier Data Intelligence Solution for Industrial Sectors

Senetur uses powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms within proprietary system architecture to streamline and correlate databases across your entire organization to create actionable insights and recommendations.

Streamline Your Data

Senetur allows your organization to streamline and aggregate ALL of its structured and unstructured data in one dashboard. Our team of manufacturing and industrial experts mixed with the country’s top data scientists and “big data” system architects work with disparate data systems for our clients. We specialize in doing this from many sources (PLCs, sensors, quality systems, ERPs, CRMs, etc.)

Easy Integration

In short, we don’t use your internal resources or disrupt daily operations to integrate our analytics platform. Our team of experts (both manufacturing engineers and data software engineers) can integrate with practically any existing systems to give you the best analytics solution. Our extended team also includes 250+ engineers for on-the-ground support if ever needed.

Security & SmartSystems

The Senetur technology platform is easily layered into any existing situation, both behind a client’s firewall and also in parallel. We have some of the world’s top security measures and work alongside the top security firms in the world to guarantee peace of mind for any executive team. Many times, our system is more secure than our client’s existing systems for handling data.

Endless Integration Possibilities



Senetur integrates seamlessly with any new or old legacy database systems or software, ERPs, purchasing/accounting, and more. Our team tailors our data aggregation to match your needs and provide the best solution for your personalized dashboard.

Our Manufacturing and Industrial Focus Sectors

  • Retail

  • Consumer Goods

  • Smart Cities/Government

  • Maritime/Shipping/Ports

  • Mobility

  • Aerospace

60 Million +


70 Million +


3 Million +



Meet AIZA™, one of the world’s first developing artificial intelligence systems focused on mobility and industrial applications. Although still in infancy, she learns with every new data set and every new day, eventually aiming to become the world’s leading AI central nervous system for SmartMobility and Connected Industrial insights.



Machine Learning and Advance Analytics tools you won’t find anywhere else that can be measured with ROI

Supply-Chain Management

From vendors, facilities, purchasing, and your end clients – correlate and streamline all of them to one cloud-based dashboard

Inventory Optimization

Use Senetur’s advanced mathematical models to correlate millions of data points to give the real-time optimum solutions for inventory control


Internet of Things - Connectivity

See the real value in your offline tools, gauges, products, and machines as part of an integrated system

Production Artificial Intelligence

From machining operations, to electrical controls and gantry systems, to assembly lines, we give our clients a competitive advantage

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Our Leadership Team

Some of the best data scientists and engineers in the world

Adrian Walker

Founder and CEO

Adrian specialized in data science & statistics, lean and 6-sigma methodologies and has held executive positions at various startups. Adrian worked 9 years as an automotive engineer at Ford Motor Company, and then went to work building software solutions for various industries, including clients like Nokia, Microsoft, and more.

Mike Washington

Head of Engineering

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and senior backend developer. He has built multiple enterprise software solutions for a list of Fortune 1000 companies. Mike obtained his degree from Morgan State University.

Steven Skiena

Technical Advisor

Steven works as Distinguished Teaching Professor of Computer Science at Stony Brook University. His research interests include the design of graph, string, and geometric algorithms, and their applications. He also works on large-scale text analytics, sentiment analysis, social trend analysis and more.

Keith Willis

Product Management Director

Keith was previously one of the highest-ranking Senior Software Developers for Safeway Corporation. While there he had Primary Responsibilities to support applications and technology for Corporate Real Estate, Market Research, Facilities Engineering, Design Department and Energy Operations. He specializes in database engineering between business groups and I.T.

Ken Hurtt

Business Development Manager

Ken is a chemical engineer by trade with 25 years of veteran industry experience as well as a career entrepreneur. He founded two successful companies and holds executive education from the Tuck school of business. Today, Ken is responsible for leading the Midwest and Automotive business development strategy and execution for Senetur.

Francisco Aldarondo

Senior Data Scientist

Francisco is an expert in modeling and performance assessment of automated material handling systems, supply-chain logistics, and supply-chain optimization. He previously worked for General Electric applying inventory and supply-chain analytics models in the GE Power & Water division.

Rachelle Franklin


Rachelle is a seasoned marketing executive, having led global brand strategy, advertising, and integrated marketing programs for major Fortune 500 companies. Currently the CEO of the NY-based firm, Frontline Marketing & Promotions, she was previously Vice President at both Office Depot and Motorola. Rachelle brings her plethora of experience around business development as well as enterprise SaaS product and brand communications. Rachelle is both a Loyola University and University of Texas alumnus.

Kelvin Squires


Kelvin was previously Global Executive Engineer at Ford Motor Company with responsibility for launching all powertrain New Models (Engines/Transmissions/Driveline Components) for the following regions: North America (US, Canada, Mexico), South America (Brazil, Argentina) and Asia Pacific (India, China, and Thailand). He brings over 27 years of technical and management experience at 3 major fortune 50 corporations (Ford, FCA, P&G).

Marc Tamres


Marc is the Director of Product and Planning at Microsoft, taking that position after his previous company Tellme Networks was acquired by Microsoft in 2007. Marc started his career as a vehicle development engineer at Ford Motor Company, however his breadth of knowledge is seen in his diverse background from engineering to film and media. He holds a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Michigan, Master’s degrees in engineering and business from MIT, as well as studies at UC Berkeley’s Digital Film Institute.

D. Sekhri

Lead Engineer

Mr. Sekhri holds degrees in both Computer Science and Statistics from the University of Michigan. He previously worked at various digital media startups in and handles various engineering activities for the Senetur team.

S. Henry

Lead API Engineer

Mr. Henry is a serial entrepreneur and experienced software developer specializing in API development with hands-on experience with custom architecture and frameworks.

S. Chakraborty

Data Scientist

Mr. Chakraborty handles various modeling and algorithm creation as well as designs innovative and experimental data science techniques for future applications.

About Us

In short, we LOVE data and are passionate about helping make it easier for our clients to understand. Companies sit on a gold mine of information that can help their bottom-line, we simply provide the tools to access it.

Our company was started by a team of both data and industry experts who’ve built enterprise data intelligence solutions for some of the world’s largest companies. Our team’s experience solving real-world problems for manufacturing and industrial companies and being able to communicate vast amounts of data in understandable ways is what makes us unique.

Many members of our team have been in the same shoes as many of our clients and know first-hand the struggles faced in production, standardizing practices across programs and products around the globe, and effectively communicating between production teams and support groups.

We created the Senetur technology because we want to support the future of what effective data analysis can become with the proper help.


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